6 Ocak 2012 Cuma

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  1. Here is our descriptive video that is about Present Perfect Tense. It was prepared by Mehmetcan Tümer, Emre Erdemir and Gamze Öztekin.With the help of this video, learners have a chance to learn the three basic usage aspects of the present perfect tense. We also think that the usage of vivid colors and characters make the video much more attractive for the learners. Therefore, students may not get bored and it can be used during the lessons. Most probably, they will find it enjoyable. So, they can learn better and their learning process may improve. Because of these reasons, descriptive videos may be effective tools in education field. It is also important to note that we added the voice later in this video. While making descriptive videos, both the recording and speaking can occur at the same time. This can take a little bit time. You have an opportunity to add your voice to the video later with the help of the movie maker. In that case, movie maker is an effective tool and it can be used while making descriptive videos. It is not time consuming; that is to say;you have a chance to shorten the time.