4 Ekim 2011 Salı

                                              REFLECTION ON BRAINSTORMING

Teaching vocabulary is one of the most important parts in foreign languages. As teachers, we have implement correct methods so that students cannot forget the vocabularies. Also, most of the students complain that they cannot learn the vocabularies exactly. Because of this , we have to follow rigtht methods. First of all, students should be informed about the different types of technological tools that can be used in teaching vocabulary. For example, we can use computers, projectors and also interactive whiteboards in teaching vocabulary. In such a case, we should inform our students about the usage of these tools in learning vocabulary. For example, how can they use interactive whiteboards to learn vocabularies? I think, this is quite important. Moreover, we can supply our students useful internet sources that can be used in learning vocabulary. Online dictionaries are also good resources for students in order to learn vocabulary.